What Does Domestic Violence Look Like?

Recent research indicates families sweep violence under the carpet

According to the Australian Domestic and Family Violence statistics report, one in twenty youths between the age of 12-20, consider throwing things such as plates, regular slapping or punching to be part of ‘normal conflict’ rather than domestic violence.

This is a staggering statistic, and at DA Family Lawyers we empathise with domestic violence cases and feel it is extremely important to receive help as soon as possible. Another statistic says that 42% of Australian women in an abusive relationship prefer to deal with the issue themselves!

Get the help you need with DA Family Lawyers

What does domestic violence look like? It seems Australia has become confused and the line between conflict and abuse is blurred. Don’t brush it off; you are being abused if you are experiencing any of the following in your relationship:

  • Injury sustained by any deliberate means by your spouse
  • Damage to your property
  • Intimidation or harassment
  • Being treated indecently without your consent
  • Any threats of the above or any other kind

Don’t allow your spouse to rule over you anymore. With DA Family Lawyers in Brisbane, we can help you apply to a Magistrates Court for a protection order. This tells the respondent that violence will not be tolerated.

You are protected under rules and conditions that the respondent must obey.

Get your quality of life back by taking care of yourself and your children with DA Family Lawyers in Brisbane, where we provide many different services to help you win your battle.

For more information on our services or to gain advice please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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