The Styles of Mediation


Lisa Foley and Deborah Awyzio presented for TV Education Network, a portal for Continuing Professional Development (CPD)  on 25 November 2020. The webinar was recorded and on the topic of preparing for mediation with practical tips and resources to maximise the chance of reaching a settlement.

Deborah spoke of the different conflict management styles and to know your client’s style before mediation. The different styles of mediation include:

  1. Competitor
    The goal is to win at all costs regardless of repercussions for the other party,.

  2. Compromiser
    The negotiator is prepared to concede to get a deal.

  3. Collaborator
    Using this style the mediator is willing to listen and understand other parties needs and interests.

  4. Accommodator
    The accommodator is prepared to put others’ interests before their own.

  5. Avoider
    The avoider puts their head in the sand and attempts to avoid conflict.

This presentation was for a webinar and is suitable for lawyers Australia wide. It has been designed to deliver the professional skills compulsory subject CPD unit for the CPD year ending 31st March 2021 and is available for purchase on the Television Education Network.

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