Subpoena for the production of documents to the Queensland Police Service

If you are considering issuing a subpoena for the production of documents directed to the Queensland Police Service, you may find the following information helpful to include in the schedule to the subpoena:

1.     Any audio tapes and/or videotapes;

2.    Police referrals to any hospitals (including suspected child abuse or neglect teams – SCAN), specialists including but not limited to social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, counsellors, educational specialists and the reports, records and assessments obtained and/or provided;

3.    Criminal histories, CRISP System crime reports, QP9 court briefs;

4.    Diary notes, police notes and signed copies of official police notebooks;

5.     All statements and documents including but not limited to signed statements by the accused, the complainant, the informant, professional or other witnesses, police witnesses;

6.    Drawings;

7.    Photographs;

8.    Bench charge sheets, running sheets, activity logs, current sheets;

9.    Domestic Violence Applications, Protection Orders;

10.   Any information management systems, IMS sheets; and

11.   All traffic history including but not limited to all driving under the influence and traffic charges.

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