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Collaborative law is the practice of both separating parties taking responsibility to resolve their dispute without going to court. The separating parties and their lawyers engage in face-to-face meetings to come to a respectful and amicable agreement

The Hague Convention is aimed at discouraging international child abduction by parents. It is also in place to ensure that children who have been internationally abducted by their parents are returned to their country of habitual residence.

This can be an extremely sensitive issue. However, if you have assets that you have acquired prior to your relationship that you would like to protect—just in case—a Pre-Nuptial agreement may be necessary.


The beginning of a relationship may be the best time to draw up an agreement as both parties are able to communicate in a loving and respectful way.

Yes. At DA Family Lawyers in Brisbane our principle solicitor Deborah Awyzio can now offer collaborative practice. This is a process that allows separating parties to resolve a dispute without litigation, mediation or negotiation between lawyers.

No, your child has a right to have a meaningful relationship with each of their parents. It will depend on what is in the best interests of your particular child as to what parenting arrangements are put in place. The court if deciding has to consider as a first option whether it is in the best interests of your child to spend 50/50 time with each parent.

Contravention of a court order is a serious issue, and you may be able to take action. It is important to note however that what might seem like a contravention of a court order to you, may not be according to the law.


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DA Family Lawyers can help you work out whether or not you and your partner are in a de facto relationship.  We can also help you protect your assets prior to entering into a de facto relationship.

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