Queensland Law Society: Bridging the gap between professional law and the community


This year DA Family Lawyers is proud to acknowledge that our very own Deborah Awyzio will become Vice President of the Queensland Law Society in 2014…

In Queensland we are lucky enough to have access to an organisation that has the legal needs of the public as their priority. The Queensland Law Society (QLS) is comprised of law professionals who are dedicated to providing accessible policy and law information and creating a dynamic hub for those who are seeking professional law assistance. This organisation is purely for the benefit of the community and to give those in the law profession a means to spread resources, ideas, and services within Queensland. Our Deborah Awyzio is the Principal of DA Family Lawyers in Brisbane, and is also dedicated to providing the community with quality representation for family law and will continue to uphold the ideology of the QLS and DA Family Lawyers in her time as Vice President.

The Queensland Law Society (QLS) is dedicated to joining the Queensland legal community with the public…

The QLS promotes more than 8,500 legal professionals and assists lawyers, solicitors and any professional members to continually improve their services and practices so that they and the community can benefit from their legal aid. The QLS ensures that every member of this organisation is upholding the high standards set for the legal profession in Queensland so when Queenslanders seek professionals through the QLS they will be guaranteed the highest quality care and legal services.

The QLS was incorporated under the Legal Profession Act 2007…

The Legal Profession Act 2007 sets the standards for legal assistance and services in Australia and those who practice law are to follow its guidelines. Legal Profession Act 2007 greatly influences the goals of the QLS in helping protect the rights of individuals seeking legal assistance from trained legal professionals. The QLS is led by an esteemed council that have proven dedicated to the bylaws of the QLS. This council is elected by the many legal professional members who they believe will be the best candidates to uphold the ideologies and goals of the QLS. Elections are held every year and this year our own Principal of DA Family Lawyers was elected as Vice President for the coming year in 2014. The Council of QLS help protect individuals rights by appearing in the media and speaking for the public in matters of Government legislations and changes that may potentially risk the rights of Queenslanders.

You can read more about the Legal Profession Act 2007 here

Deborah Awyzio ensures that the same standards are upheld at DA Family Lawyers…

DA Family Lawyers has always been dedicated to providing the community with affordable and sensitive legal assistance and are firm upholders of the ideas and goals of the QLS. Deborah Awyzio will continue to ensure that DA Family Lawyers offers services that benefit individuals who are seeking family related legal assistance. Located next to the Brisbane Family Magistrate, Deborah established DA Family Lawyers in 2005 and with her team of senior law professionals Lisa Foley and Leanne Walsh, are dedicated to helping the Brisbane community to resolve legal issues arising out of relationship breakdowns in an effort for closure. We can help support you legally during court appearances and we can undertake work on behalf of a number of regional legal firms as their Brisbane town agents.

Find out more about the Queensland Law Society here

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