Do Financial Agreements predetermine the end of your relationship?

Do pre-nuptial agreements predetermine the result of your relationship

Pre-nuptial Financial Agreements might be the last thing on anyone’s minds when in the midst of wedding madness…

Marriage is a wonderful thing and has been uniting couples for centuries but when two people come together so does the possibility of separation. While many Australians live happily together and live long lives in each other’s company some couples decide not to stay together for various reasons and choose to go their separate ways. At DA Family Lawyers in Brisbane we recommend anyone that is considering tying the knot to create a financial agreement for the sake of their relationship. When it gets to the point where two people decide not to be together any more the last thing you need to worry about is your assets. Belongings you owned before your relationship, the ones you gained together and your home of all things will come into question if you decided to go your separate ways. For the sake of both your happiness before and after your marriage, a pre-nuptial agreement is the perfect legally binding assurance you need, to know you are both secure in the event of a separation.

Many might consider a Financial Agreement as taboo, as if you anticipating your marriage to fail…

The last thing any bride or groom wants to admit is that there is a possibility that their marriage could fail, especially while they are planning a wedding. It may seem like there are too many other important things to consider when planning a wedding especially when it can be so time consuming and expensive. Financial Agreements have a negative stigma attached to them because they are only necessary in the event of a separation, but if you are planning a wedding and planning your new life together why not insure both your happiness if you were to separate. Now is the best time to make the decision of who owns what and what will happen in a separation because at this point in time you both have a mutual love and respect for one another so the decision of ownership will be fairer and more concise. The reason for separation might influence your opinion of your partner at that point in time and at DA Family Lawyers we find that decisions made out of bias and frustration are not necessarily beneficial for either party. Our financial agreements consider the happiness of both parties so that in the event of a separation you both do not have to worry about your assets.

At DA Family Lawyers we can help set up your pre-nuptial Financial Agreement so you can get back to celebrating your relationship…

In the wedding hype, your special day is the most important thing you should be worrying about but why not ensure that both your happiness and respect for each other in this moment is legalised in a financial agreement. No one wants to think about their marriage not working out in the end, and at DA Family Lawyers we want to ensure that both people are protected in the event of a separation. A Financial Agreement is not taboo, many successful partnerships have prenuptial agreements and have never had to use them, but we recommend you give yourself both peace of mind and protection over your own assets with a financial agreement. The team here at DA Family Lawyers are dedicated to discrete and sensitive services; we can walk you through the financial agreement until you are both satisfied and often we find that many couples leave stronger because of it.

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