Pre-Nuptial Financial Agreements: A Necessary Evil?


5 Myths about Pre-nuptial Financial Agreements Discussed

Pre-nuptial financial agreements are—arguably—the less romantic side of getting together. DA Family Lawyers appreciate that for some people this is an extremely sensitive issue, and our skilled team can help you negotiate the agreement in a respectful and fair way.

In This Article we’re Going to Look at 5 Myths about Pre-Nuptial Financial Agreements…

These five myths will hopefully help you understand and appreciate the value of a financial agreement.

1.       Only the wealthy get financial agreements:

No. Given the unfortunately high rate of divorce nowadays and the costliness of divorce, pre-nuptial financial agreements are for everyone.

2.       Financial agreements are only for when a relationship ends:

No. Did you know that financial agreements are handy for estate planning tools?

Without one, your spouse can easily nullify your carefully thought out estate plan. Also, a financial agreement is useful if you’ve got kids from a former marriage or heirlooms you want to keep in the family.

3.       Financial agreements are not romantic:

No. By sitting down and talking together about your future financial plans as well as expectations for your relationship can actually help build a stronger base for you relationship.

4.       The courts won’t uphold financial agreements:

This is simply not true. If done and drafted properly, it is more than likely that your pre-nuptial financial agreement will hold in court.

5.       Financial agreements are usually only requested by men:

No. this myth ties into the third one. Pre-nuptial financial agreements can be a beneficial way for you and your partner to set out your expectations for the relationship.

How DA Family Lawyers Are Able to Help You…

At DA Family Lawyers in Brisbane we are specialists when it comes to family law. We have a professional team of some of the most respected and experienced family lawyers in Brisbane, which is how we are able to offer you the most qualified advice and guidance available. DA Family Lawyers can provide you expert advice, safely and constructively guide you through the legal process and help you achieve the best results for your situation.

The benefit of a financial agreement is that it can provide clear guidance about how matters will be resolved in the future, if a breakup does happen. By signing a financial agreement this offers the parties the ability to pre-agree when they can still communicate with each other in a respectful and loving way. This is much better than waiting until the breakdown of the relationship when emotions are high.

A financial agreement is able to cover various issues, including:

  • What happens to assets you and your partner acquire during the relationship.
  • What happens to assets you hold at the time you enter the relationship.
  • How you will pay for accommodation if you’re living in property owned by one party paying a mortgage in their sole name.

DA Family Lawyers have been providing services to the Gold Coast and Brisbane for many years now and have work at length to provide solutions across all areas of family and domestic law.

For more information on pre-nuptial financial agreements, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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