Parental dispute mediation and what to expect

Parental dispute mediation is an important part of resolving issues between spouses without causing collateral damage

At DA Family Lawyers in Brisbane, our aim is to do just that. As a parent, it is your duty to ensure that your children don’t suffer as a result of parental disputes. Lisa Foley and Deborah Awyzio are both very well respected throughout the law community.  Deborah is an accredited family law specialists and is passionate about providing the very best legal advice that ensures the process is as painless as is possible. Using years of experience in the field, we can help to shield children from the effects of ongoing conflicts. We provide solutions sooner, rather than later.

Everybody deals with these trying times differently, but parent’s behaviour during conflict can have a massive emotional effect on children. In fact, it is less the actual separation that hurts children rather than the quarrelling and ongoing conflict. If you truly care about your child’s well-being, you should be focused on maintaining civility in your interactions. We will take all the necessary steps in the mediation process to provide a platform for your family to deal with these issues in a way that benefits all parties.

DA Family Lawyers Are Experts in Parental Dispute Mediation

Between the two of them, Deborah Awyzio and Lisa Foley have a deep working knowledge in resolving parental disputes. They use their expertise to help navigate the stormy waters of separation. By offering a different approach to family law, we can provide you with compassionate and a professional guiding hand as we know full well the strain it can put on you and your children. Naturally, every family deals with separation in their own way and whether it’s a new separation or you are preparing to re-partner, we are equally well-placed to provide you with advice.

Our focus is and always has been resolving parenting disputes respectfully and efficiently. We treat all our cases with the utmost sensitivity. However, in some cases there are instances of serious neglect and abuse that require court proceedings and Deborah and Lisa are both extremely capable of dealing with these matters should they need to do so.

The Brisbane Family Law Specialists

If you are willing to show a dedication, as we do, to resolve issues efficiently then there will always be a good chance that together we can come to an amicable agreement with your former partner. Part of our process is to take the time to fully understand the nature of the conflict and to analyse the issues sufficiently in order to provide informed legal advice that will benefit all parties.

Legislation changes in 2007 have improved the outcomes for children, the reforms of which have been brought about by the Australian Government’s commitment to changing perceptions surrounding the breakdown of family units. The reforms also mean that there can be a shift away from lengthy court wrangles and towards seeking an effective, co-operative parenting solution. So, what are the most notable changes with regards to parenting disputes? In placing a greater emphasis on reaching an agreement, the outcomes for children are much improved and parents are fully expected to be involved in family dispute resolution before being permitted to apply to the courts for parenting orders. The government has also set-up family relationship centres to offer free assistance to parents in order to come to an agreement regarding the children’s living arrangements.

We urge any potential clients to get in touch here, should they need any more information on our practice or our parental disputes mediation services.

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