New managing director proving success is in the family

DA Family Lawyers has announced the appointment of a new managing director who is expected to lead the firm to a new era of growth and prosperity.

Experienced practitioner Lisa Foley (pictured above left) has stepped into the role of managing director while DA Family Lawyers’ founder Deborah Awyzio (pictured above right) remains a director of the business.

Foley first joined forces with DA Family Lawyers in 2005 after Awyzio invited her to undertake a clerkship while she simultaneously completed her law degree at the Queensland University of Technology.

It wasn’t long before Foley became an integral part of the firm. She received her partnership at DA Family Lawyers following a brief stint overseas then back home as a government child protection lawyer specialising in cases involving international child abduction.

As managing director Foley is set to lead the firm’s client services team, with Awyzio on the other hand managing the firm’s burgeoning mediation practice.

Foley is looking forward to several exciting short term milestones for DA Family Lawyers including the launch of the firm’s new community legal clinic.

“This year DA Family Lawyers are launching a legal clinic where we will offer free legal advice to those members of the community who may not be able to access other forms of legal assistance,” says Foley.

“This is an exciting venture for the firm and one which I think our solicitors will find purpose in.”

Foley is a firm believer that family law is shifting further towards non-court based approaches in resolving conflicts. It’s a shift she is prepared to leverage by building the firm’s mediation, arbitration and collaborative law presence in the market.

“Deborah’s mediation practice has grown considerably since it began,” says Foley.

“I would be confident in saying that most lawyers now, before entertaining the idea of instituting court proceedings, will think seriously about whether mediation, as an alternative to court, has been exhausted.

“Looking forward, I hope to train to become a qualified mediator, as Deborah is now, and undertake my accreditation.”

Awyzio is excited that Foley has joined the helm of the business, considering her passion and commitment to the firm, its clients and the profession in general.

“Lisa is a dedicated and hard-working legal practitioner, who always has her client’s interest in the forefront of her mind,” says Awyzio.

“It is rare to find someone in your profession who has the same philosophy, values,drive and work ethic and is prepared to join forces to service clients who are going through a rough patch in their lives.

“I feel extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Lisa and now to grow our business together.”

The duo will continue to deliver strong, practical and cost effective solutions to their clients.