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Since being established, My Wealth Solutions has been helping clients of all ages and backgrounds achieve their financial goals.


Based in Brisbane, our team of savvy, experienced financial planners and advisors work to build personalised financial plans that create grow and protect your wealth. We are your decision architects aiming to guide you on your path to success.


What We Do – Family Law


A person who comes into sudden wealth (or money) often feel like they need to make a decisions in a short amount of time.  Often raw emotions are still being felt and sometimes confusion about what the best decision based on your financial goals (you may not even know what your financial goals are i.e are you on track to have a long comfortable stress free retirement?).


So what are the ways professional advisers can help eliminate confusion? There are 3 phases that have been identified by Susan Bradley & Mary Martin in the book sudden wealth:


Phase 1: Preparation & Planning


Professional advisers should work together to work towards an ideal outcome for asset split.  Its important that all are involved to make sure the complete financial picture is taken into consideration.  Further to the above


Phase 2: Action


Implement careful choices based on your goals, income requirements and length of time until you retire.


Phase 3: Review and refine


Maintain the strategies in place based on your goals – by the way these can change overtime!


Our Approach


My Wealth Solutions isn’t your typical financial services firm.


We take pride in our values and lifestyle-based approach, getting to know each and every one of our clients.


This personalised approach allows us to create plans based on YOUR needs, wants and expectations.


Say goodbye to standardised, pre-determined products and programs. We rely on our expertise, effective communication and innovation to build tailored financial plans.


Filled with complex terms and concepts, financial planning can be overwhelming and daunting. We take on you on the journey with us, explaining everything step by step.


You can expect us to:


  1. Help you to understand your current financial situation
  2. Work with you to set clear and attainable goals
  3. Develop strategies, actions and investments to achieve the goals
  4. Regularly communicate with you about your financial performance
  5. Provide ongoing coaching, guidance and advice.


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Need help deciphering technical jargon? Want a personalised, friendly service from experts that you can trust?


At My Wealth Solutions, we aim to put you in the driver’s seat, helping you to take control of your financial future.


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