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DA Family Lawyers wants to help you find the best situation for you and your children. If you think you have been subject to domestic abuse read below for tips on how to escape the situation and seek legal representation.


Emotional, physical and verbal abuse are all considered grounds for filing a domestic abuse report. Trying to escape the situation is often the hardest thing as you may fear the person will hurt you more severely if they find out, or they will stalk or harass you if you move away. At DA Family Lawyers we are all about seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and providing the means to get there through our domestic abuse report system and if necessary court representation.

There are a number of telltale signs when it comes to domestic violence in the home, and these should not be brushed off as one off occurrences. If they happen once, that is one too many times and it will give you grounds for taking your case to the Magistrates Court with the assistance of DA Family Lawyers. The following definitions of domestic abuse will give you an idea about what is legally considered an abusive relationship with grounds for domestic abuse charges.

If you have suffered any of the following you have grounds to lay charges

  • Suffered an intentionally inflicted injury by your spouse
  • Property has been vandalised or damaged
  • Intimidation or harassment of either physical or emotional nature
  • Any threats of the above or any other kind

While an abusive relationship can often feel like an inescapable thing, DA Family Lawyers would like to know that there is support out there.

Helping a friend in an abusive relationship…

Helping a friend in an abusive relationship can often be a difficult thing. Fortunately, DA Family Lawyers are empathetic to everyone involved in an abusive relationship and want to offer some helpful steps to ensure you and your friend’s safety.

  • Be supportive: Make sure they feel comfortable so that they can be honest about any issues they’ve been having with abuse.
  • Offer more than words: It is crucial that they feel supported physically as well as emotionally– so try to offer transportation or assistance where possible.
  • Don’t Force: While it can be hard to understand why someone would stay in an abusive relationship it’s important to provide positive support. Don’t force them, merely suggest and make sure that they understand that leaving would be the best option for them (and possibly their children).
  • Provide them with options: It’s always a good idea to share with them a range of escape routes. Always be sure to refer to our page on domestic abuse or come and see DA Family Lawyers in Brisbane for a consultation where we can explain to you your rights and recommend a legal strategy.

How we can help you

DA Family Lawyers offers a wide range of family focused legal representation. We can consult with you about queries with family disputes, property, surrogacy, da facto relationship settlements and of course issues with domestic abuse. If you’ve been wondering how you can legally represent yourself against an abusive spouse, then look no further. We have a special interest in domestic abuse cases and will do our best to assist you with filing a protection order to the Magistrates Court so you can get the help and freedom you need. This protection order will protect you and your children against further harmful conduct and if broken can result in persecution of the individual.

If this article has hit home with you, or if you think the relationship of someone you know might be verging on abusive we encourage you to contact us today or book an appointment online. DA Family Lawyers can help you escape the darkness and find the light at the end of the tunnel with our specialised expertise in family law.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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