Solidify your relationship with a financial agreement

Get clear, straight-forward guidance.

Solidify your relationship with a financial agreement

Get clear, straight-forward guidance.

Financial Agreements

When you’re starting out in a new relationship, it can be hard to consider what may happen if you separate in the future

However, if you have assets you have accumulated prior to your relationship, you might wish to consider entering into a Financial Agreement to agree in advance what happens to assets if you should separate in the future. DA Family Lawyers in Brisbane appreciate that this is an extremely sensitive issue, and we are skilled at negotiating in a respectful and fair way.

These types of agreements provide clear guidance about how matters will be resolved between you in the future if it becomes necessary. Some people prefer the certainty of an agreement about the division of property in the event that the relationship breaks down. The advantages offered are that parties are able to pre-agree, at a time when they are still able to communicate with each other in a respectful and loving way, rather than when emotions are high following the breakdown of a relationship.

Types of issues

The types of issues that can be covered in a Financial Agreement are:

  • What happens to assets you hold at the time you enter the relationship
  • What happens to assets you acquire together during the relationship
  • How you will pay for accommodation if you are living in a property owned by one party paying a mortgage in their sole name

A Financial Agreement is one of three binding financial agreements under the Family Law Acts.

Financial Agreement is the common phrase for an agreement made prior to marriage and is able to be made regarding the following: how, in case of a marriage breakdown, any property of financial resources is to be dealt with: maintenance of either partner during or after the dissolution of a marriage.

A financial agreement is something that is in writing and is made in compliance by both parties entering into a marriage. Finally, it is also made concerning the distribution of property, financial resources, spousal maintenance and incidental or ancillary matters.

Financial Agreement Lawyers Brisbane

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