Court Representation

Deborah Awyzio, our principal has extensive experience appearing in court.

Deborah is highly skilled in appearing as a solicitor advocate at trials in the Federal Magistrates Court and Family Court of Australia. This offers you the benefit of having the same person who prepared your case appear in court to argue it. As a solicitor advocate has been involved in your case from start to finish they are much more familiar with all of the nuances of your case, which leads to better representation at a trial.

The more traditional model of having a solicitor prepare your case, and then engaging a barrister to argue it in court is also available if you would prefer that option.

DA Family Lawyers have undertaken much work in the past for clients who wish to minimise their legal costs by acting on their own behalf in preparing their case, but don’t feel confident in standing up in court to represent themselves. We undertake this one off work as negotiated directly with our clients.

To find out more about court representation, get in touch with DA Family Lawyers in Brisbane. Our reliable, supportive and knowledgeable family law solicitors are here to help.

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