Ensuring the welfare needs of children are met

Court proceedings help to guarantee the child’s welfare.

Ensuring the welfare needs of children are met

Court proceedings help to guarantee the child’s welfare.

Child Protection and Childrens Court Proceedings

A child’s welfare needs cannot always be adequately met by the parents

At DA Family Lawyers in Brisbane, we recognise that every child is entitled to protection from harm. We can offer representation and advice concerning Children’s Court proceedings. Lisa Foley regularly appears in the Childrens Court to represent the children who are the subject of child protection orders and is skilled at negotiating with the Department of Child Safety, having a clear understanding of what principles and guidelines they apply in working with families who have children in need of protection.

Every child is entitled to protection from harm

Normally it is the child’s parents who provide this protection, but in some situations, parental protection fails. When this happens, the State Government has the responsibility of ensuring the child’s welfare needs are met. If there is concern that a child has been harmed, is currently suffering harm, or has parents or guardians who are unable to provide protection, the Department of Child Safety or the police will investigate, and they may apply for an assessment order.

A child protection order is a directive from the Childrens Court to ensure that the child is protected from harm

If such an order is made for your child, it means that he or she is considered to be in need of protection and that you are unable to provide it. The magistrate or judge of the Childrens Court makes the order after hearing evidence from everyone concerned and must be satisfied that an order is the only way to secure your child’s safety and well-being.

The Children’s Court also includes:

  • Youth justice: Youth justice involves proceedings involving youths who commit or are alleged to have committed offences.
  • Applications to dispense with consent of parents to adoption: these are proceedings where a parent cannot be found or their identity is unknown.

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