Infamous Celebrity Child Custody Legal Battles

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Unfortunately for the children of these celebrity couples, their bitter divorces resulted in lengthy custody battles:

1) Pamela Anderson and Tommy lee

Busty Baywatch beauty Pamela Anderson and Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee met in 1995 and married three days later whilst holidaying in Mexico. The pair then went on to have two sons during their three year marriage.
After Tommy assaulted Pamela in 1998 (for which he served 180 days in jail for), the pair divorced and their two sons lived primarily with Pamela. In 2001 sought full custody of the boys, claiming that Tommy was abusive and an alcoholic. After a lengthy legal battle the pair agreed to share custody.

2) Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry welcomed a daughter into the world in 2008 which resulted in a bitter legal battle in 2010 when Gabriel filed for paternal rights, partial custody and child support. After a year of mudslinging from both parties Gabriel dropped his suit for custody.

3) Britney Spears and Kevin Federline

When mega-star Britney Spears fell for and married her back up dancer in 2004, many predicted it wouldn’t last, but none could have predicted the drama that soon would unfold once divorce papers were filed. Both Britney and Kevin filed for physical custody of their sons- a request which Britney won.
Soon after in 2007 Britney suffered an infamous mental break down and was whisked away to a psychiatric ward. This meant that the singer lost custody of her two sons. After failed monitored visits with her sons, in 2008 the star’s visitation rights were suspended and Kevin was granted full legal and physical custody of his sons. Since then Britney has been making progress with her sons and her mental health issues.

4) Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger

Spending a whopping $3 million in legal fees over eight years and amassing nearly 100 court proceedings, Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger are no closer to forging an amicable relationship with each other or with their children.

5) Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva

Just two weeks after Mel Gibson’s wife of 28 years had filed for divorce, the actor appeared on the red carpet with his new love Oksana Grigorieva who was already pregnant with his child. That November their child was born, and just a few months later Oksana accused Mel of physical abuse.
In the following months Oksana accused Mel of hitting her in the face and threatening to kill her, and allegedly had the audio tapes to prove the abuse. During this time the couple settled on an out-of-court child support agreement, but this was not the end of legal trouble for the pair.
Oksana then sought a new settlement, to which Mel responded by accusing Oksana of extortion. I judge handed both parties restraining orders and confiscated the audio tapes for examination.

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