Free Uber rides for people experiencing domestic and family violence


As a result of people needing to remain in their homes during the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a significant increase in the number of reported domestic violence situations. It is a very scary and stressful time for many people who cannot readily escape their situation due to limited finances or no access to a motor vehicle or other mode of transport.

Uber has pledged 3,000 free rides to people suffering from domestic violence in Australia. To provide this service, Uber has partnered with Australia’s WESNET, a national organisation specialising in relief for women and children suffering domestic and family violence. It’s called “WESNET Rides”.

How this works, is for other domestic violence shelters and organisations across Australia to sign up to the ‘WESNET Rides’ program from which they are then able to book these free rides for women who contact their organisation. Each organisation will be able to access up to $1,000 in free Uber rides.

Individuals who are experiencing domestic violence and who need a safe and free ride to escape should contact their local domestic violence shelters to see whether they have signed up for the WESNET Rides program.

We have made contact with a few domestic violence centres about this to ensure they are aware.


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