Why every couple should get a Financial Agreement

A new relationship is exciting. It’s fun, fresh and you never want it to end. The last thing you want to think about is breaking up. Based in Brisbane CBD, DA Family Lawyers know just how important a Financial Agreement can be, despite its difficulties.

When you think about marriage you picture flowers, dresses and a perfect cake complete with a happy couple on top. A Financial Agreement rarely makes an appearance in our dreams of the perfect relationship.  However, it can become a lifesaver for any unforseen future events.

As one of three binding agreements under the Family Law Acts, Financial Agreements are agreements made before marriage that consider how financial sources will be dealt with in case of a relationship breakdown.

Contrary to popular belief, Financial Agreements are not just for the wealthy. You should always consider your legal options before entering into a marriage or de-facto relationship in case you happen to separate in the future.

If you are wealthier or earn more money than your partner

A Financial Agreement helps you protect your assets and solidify your financial future in case of a separation. If you have worked hard to accumulate your assets on your own, it only makes sense to look after your hard work. It can also help you make sure that your partner is marrying you for all the right reasons, and not just your financial assets.

If you have inherited any assets from a family estate

Financial Agreements can become quite useful in circumstances where your family has left you assets in your inheritance. Making sure you are able to enjoy the assets that are left to you can become tricky once a relationship ends. Utilise this agreement to ensure your inheritance is yours alone.

If you plan on purchasing items together

You can also include assets that are acquired after your relationship has begun in the Financial Agreement. Your family lawyer should always make sure that you don’t have any loose ends to tie up just in case your situation dissolves.

To take advantage of honest and open communication

Above all else, the true reason you should get an agreement is to take advantage of the open and honest communication in your relationship. When a relationship begins, communication can be very upfront. Without hidden agendas or hurt feelings, people are able to plan for the most extreme situations without having any negativity enter the conversation. When relationships break down, it can become very difficult for couples to discuss the big questions without reverting back to arguing. It is essential for couples to utilise this time to make sure that if the relationship dissolves, both parties already know what they are entitled to.

Financial Agreement Lawyers Brisbane QLD

If you are in a serious relationship, engaged or curious about your future, investing in a knowledgeable family lawyer will help you to understand the process of entering into a Financial Agreement. To make sure this agreement is binding you will need the best advice and flawless work.

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