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DA Family Lawyers provide their Brisbane clients a no-fuss solution to complex family law and property disputes

At DA Family Lawyers, we are passionate about finding the resolutions that benefit our Brisbane clients in the best manner possible. We are sensitive to the issues involved in all aspects of family law.

Family Law Services from DA Family Lawyers

At DA Family Lawyers, the requisite time is taken to better understand the complexities of issues and to offer considered, informed legal advice to our clients in Brisbane. Various amendments were made to the law in 2007 that have proved to be far better suited to the needs of modern families and provide improved outcomes for children. The changes made were intended to foster a spirit of agreement that will see children benefit greatly and to change the way in which some people perceive the dissolution of families.

It is also hoped that the changes will facilitate a shift away from expensive and drawn-out proceedings and nearer to a solution that includes co-operating parents. They are expected to take part in family dispute resolutions before being allowed to be considered by the courts. The government has also set up family relationship centres that provide free assistance and encourage parents to reach agreements regarding children’s living arrangements.

It should be noted that this resolution requirement is only applicable to those parents who wish to pursue a ruling from the courts. There are exceptions in place to make sure that no parents will be required to attend these dispute resolutions where it isn’t necessary. These are:

  • Parents that are filing a consent order application that have agreed on parenting arrangements.
  • Proceedings have already started, and any additional applications need to be made for procedural or interim orders.
  • The matter is of great urgency such as a child being in need of immediate protection including abduction and the location and recovery of a child.
  • Where any domestic violence or child abuse is concerned.
  • Where a party is incapable of effectively participating in any resolution.
  • If a parent contravenes an order that was made no longer than 12 months prior by showing blatant disregard for their obligations.

Property Settlements and Navigating Separation

Property settlements can become notoriously more difficult to resolve when left for a long time after the separation. Even if years have passed, a court will take into account the assets owned by both parties at the current date. It is of vital importance that you seek legal advice in order to understand what you are entitled to and to plan for your future.

We deal with all facets of family law and property law settlements including mediation and negotiations, court representation and binding financial agreements. You can trust us to give you advice that is dignified, supportive and informed.

Law with Deborah and Lisa

Deborah Awyzio, founder of DA Family Lawyers, is former Vice President of the Queensland Law Society and is incredibly well respected by both her peers and her clients. She is an accredited family law specialist and has nearly 20 years’ experience as a qualified solicitor.

As well as being a former Queensland solicitor member for the executive of the Family Law Section of the Law Council of Australia, Deborah has also served as a president of the Family Law Practitioners Association of Queensland. Her ability to navigate complex family law disputes and no-fuss approach is centered on finding a resolution that will benefit all parties involved. Guiding her clients through mediation and working with a purpose and respect, she aims to be a positive, independent mediator.

Lisa holds the position of Managing Director at DA Family Lawyers and aquired a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Laws with Honours from the Queensland University of Technology. She has worked exclusively in family law and child protection law since her admission in 2006.

Lisa is experienced in appearing in the Federal Circuit Court of Australia, Family Court of Australia, the Children’s Court and Magistrates Courts. She has special interests in international family law matters, including matters falling under The Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction. Lisa was also actively involved in the well-publicised “Italian Sisters” international child abduction case.

This year DA Family Lawyers was recognised within the 2018 Doyles listings; these accolades focus on the recognition of the best firms and lawyers through online peer-based surveys as well as extensive telephone and face to face interviews with clients, peers and relevant industry bodies.

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