DA Family Lawyers can help you with the Custody of your Children

Here at DA Family Lawyers your family is our priority, that’s why we focus our services in all aspects of family oriented topics

Deborah Awyzio and Lisa Foley are part of our powerful and comprehensive team. All together our team share a combined 40 years of experience dealing with child protection, family law, and a broad range of other complex legal matters.

We are here to translate the complicated world of legal documents and jargon into diluted terms that you will be able to understand and use. Our aim is to make you fully confident in your personal rights in all aspects of your family life, and we are also here to offer guidance and counsel when it comes to delicate family matters such as alcohol abuse, domestic violence and child protection.

One of our main concerns is child protection and support

Children are vulnerable both physically and mentally to many negative things that can happen in the family home. They can be mentally affected by situations such as divorce, alcohol abuse and child abuse that’s why, in the event parents cannot fulfill their duties our team of diligent and caring family lawyers can act as guides and support to children in danger. If you think you may know a child that’s in a dangerous or uncomfortable situation contact us to understand your legal standing and how you can help remove them from that situation.

Can my partner keep my child from me?

We get many questions from divorced or separated parents asking what rights they have when it comes to one parent keeping a child from another parent. This can be an extremely difficult situation that is inherently damaging to the parent-child relationship on both sides. It’s important to know that no, without a court order there is no custody validation which means that they cannot legally keep your child from you.

There are two reasons why another parent may keep a child from you, they will either feel resentful towards you due to an emotional past or they will feel that the child will not be safe in your care. Regardless of either reason they will still have to go through family court in order to attain custody, and this goes the same for you if you are trying to keep your child out of the abusive care of a previous partner.

It’s important to think about what’s best for the child

If you get divorced and are trying to negotiate care for your child, it becomes extremely difficult as you and your previous partner will both have emotional reasons behind the choice rather than rational. This is why we recommend employing the use of a family lawyer such as those at DA Family Lawyers as we can draw up a legal document pertaining to care of the child. If you and your ex-partner cannot decide on a compromise, you will have to file an application to family court so that exterior powers (the judge) can provide an unbiased custody arrangement depending on your and your partner’s suitability.

If you are interested in finding out more about custody and caring for your child, or if you know a child in possible crisis DA Family Layers in Brisbane can help. To find out more please contact us today.

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