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Campbell Newman on repealing civil partnerships

At the Australian Christian Lobby forum held in the Ashgrove electorate yesterday, LNP Leader Campbell Newman was asked again about the party’s stance on gay marriage and civil union laws. Here’s what Mr Newman said, then Family Law Practitioners Associaton Queensland President Debra Awyzio explains what would be involved in repealing the legislation.

Federal magistrates stressed by workload

CONCERN over delayed judgments in the Brisbane registry of the Federal Magistrates Court coincides with a surge in the court’s workload and uncertainty about its future. The federal government has indicated that the Magistrates Court will eventually be responsible only for general federal law matters and will cede its family law responsibilities to the Family …

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50/50 Parenting

Legislation before the Senate now may take some of the heat out of tragic confusion over shared, or ‘equal time parenting’, and the role of violence in Family Law decision making. Research shows children of high conflict families, forced into equal time, are suffering. Reporter Brendan King. [button]Listen to the interview and view transcript[/button]

Claims Japan consulate helps abduct Australian children

The Australian Government says it is committed to doing everything it can to return children who have been wrongfully taken from Australia. The issue has recently emerged as the group Australians with Abducted Children Japan, claims Japanese consulates in Australia are freely issuing new passports to a parent who wants to abduct their child. Australian …

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Surrogacy – A New Parenting Option

It is now legal in Queensland for women to serve as surrogates for another person or couple, provided they are not paid a premium for their services. Previously anyone who entered into a surrogacy arrangement was subject to a maximum three year period of imprisonment. [button]Continue reading[/button]

Pain Free Divorce a Goal – Essential Law Edition 4

The statistics are creeping up to 50% of marriages ending in divorce, so divorce is becoming a reality for a lot of people. Even though the stigma of divorce has largely disappeared, it is still one of the most stressful events a person may have to go through in their life. The aim for Family Lawyers is to minimise the impact of …

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