4 simple steps to determine the division of property

The best time to resolve a property settlement issue is often soon after separation

If a court has to determine the dispute they will take into account what assets are owned by both parties at the date the court is dealing with the issue.

This holds true even if the case is being held years later.

Let us help you navigate the division of property

Working out what you are entitled to can be a complicated process, particularly if you’re unable to come to an agreement with your partner. It is important to seek legal advice so as to know your legal entitlements.

Our expert family lawyers can provide you with the necessary advice and information to make an informed decision. We can also help you to determine what your entitlements are.

An additional advantage of getting expert advice from a family lawyer is that you can better plan for the future with the knowledge of what you are and aren’t entitled to.

There are four steps to determining the division of property

To help you navigate the property settlement process there are four steps:

  1. Identify and value the assets and liabilities of both parties to the relationship. This step is about identifying what assets each party to a relationship owned and what liabilities are outstanding. If you prepare a short table of your financial position it will save time and allow us to give you more effective advice.
  2. Consider the financial and non-financial contributions each party has made to the relationship, before, during and after the relationship
  3. Consider the future needs of both parties
  4. Is the agreement reached just and equitable?

At DA Family Lawyers in Brisbane we are experts in family law. Our team of solicitors, led by Principal lawyer Deborah Awyzio, can help you with:

  • Mediation and negotiations
  • Representation in court proceedings
  • Binding financial agreements
  • Application for a divorce order

Are you uncertain about where you stand with the division of property? Would you like to know more about how DA Family Lawyers can help you?

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